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Your Checklist

You now have the knowledge shared by several experts, but what can you actually start doing tomorrow to start building a winning team? Here we have organized a to-do list to inspire you to build the best team for your company.

#1 Start the recruitment process by identifying clearly what you are looking for.

What type of person would be successful in the role, what are the skills needed and how does this connect to your company values?

#2 Hire for quality over quantity, always.

#3 Focus on building a diverse team, and start early with this.

This starts with self-reflection; do you really have those different perspectives on board, and what do you need to complement your team?

#4 Ensure the team has fun while performing.

#5 Coach your team on performance behaviour, don’t solely look at performance.

#6 Focus, during performance reviews, mainly on how to do better in the future rather than reflecting on past performance.

#7 Measure your team engagement.

This can start with a simple question such as measuring the eNPS. High engagement results in a high-performance team. eNPS stands for Employee Net Promoter Score, a methodology that has built a reputation for measuring employees’ enthusiasm for their place of work.

#8 Work on genuine transparency and honesty within your team.

To be able to build vulnerability-based trust, you need transparency and honesty. This is crucial to become a high-performing team.

#9 Reconsider the fixed structure of an 8-hour working day.

An athlete who trains 8 hours per day would not be a healthy athlete.

#10 Be transparent towards investors.

Don’t present yourself as something that you’re not because people will see through it and investors want to know the truth so you can start improving together.


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