Winning Teams

How to build a world class team


You want to conquer the world with your company. To achieve this you need a world class team. Your product or service can only be as good as that. Without a strong team you’re nowhere. Putting together a winning team for your company isn’t just about hiring the best candidates for each position and grouping them together in a room. It’s a complex process that’s all about human energy. You need to build a strong trust foundation and create an engaged team that balances and complements each other in several ways so they can go the distance. Let this chapter guide you in building a truly winning team. You’ll get inspired by the expertise of a sports coach, a Venture Capitalist, a CEO and HR & Talent Acquisitions experts.

6 Questions with Constance Scholten

Constance Scholten is Director of Human Capital at Slingshot Ventures. Her driving force is to make a constructive difference in the world by developing talent and first-class teams in companies with impactful technologies.

In this video she answers six question about the importance of strong teams before deciding on investments.

This chapter looks to answer questions you ask yourself on a regular basis, such as:

Are you wondering..


Read on to find out about how to develop a winning team in several ways. You’ll get inspired by the expertise of a sports coach, a Venture Capitalist, a CEO, and HR & Talent Acquisitions experts. They provide you with amazing insights to boost your team.

Alyson Annan

Head Coach Women's Dutch National Field Hockey Team

Win the Championship

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Roline Spijkervet

Head of Talent Acquisition Picnic

Screen for the Best

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Indra den Bakker

Founder and CEO of OverStory

Make room for Diversity

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Ingeborg van Harten

Head of People and Places at Mollie

Focus on Engagement

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Constance Scholten

Director Human Capital at Slingshot Ventures

Invest in Teams

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