Let's go!

Your Checklist

You now have the knowledge shared by several experts, but what can you actually start doing tomorrow to start desining your organisation for success? Here we have created a to-do list to inspire you to create the best design to scale your company.

#1 Put the structure in service of the culture.

Culture is far more important to be successful than organizational structure. Focus on what motivates people, how you can activate them and how to keep things fun.

#2 Think about what made your company a success and structure your organization around this.

How do you work together, and why do people love working there. Organize yourself in such a way to keep that essence. Continuously think about the structure; don’t just let it grow wild.

#3 Learn and iterate.

The perfect organization structure doesn’t exist. If something doesn’t work anymore, try something different.

#4 Make changes with a clear objective in mind.

Define the objective of the changes and communicate this well. Timely communication is key for keeping your people onboard.

#5 Involve the right people.

Make use of the power of your organizational ‘super brain’. Involve your people in designing what works best for your company.

#6 Hire ‘miss right now’, not ‘miss right’.

Find people who really understand how to get you to the next stage and don’t presume that people from the world’s leading companies know best.

#7 Find the right balance between a flat organization and a feasible number of direct reports.

Never have more than ten people report directly to the same leader. This will ensure a healthy ‘span of control’ in which everyone feels seen and heard.

#8 Realize that your company is a living and breathing thing.

It will change all the time. It can be painful now and then, but if you want to set up your company for scale, you shouldn’t be afraid to change it and make bold decisions.


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