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If you are looking for more information on organizational design, we have compiled a list of books, podcasts and videos that have inspired us.


Frederic Laloux

Reinventing organizations

Jurriaan Kamer

How to build your own “Spotify Model”

Erik Devaney

Blog: 9 types of organizational structure every company should consider

Eckart Wintzen

Eckart’s notes

Jitske Kramer & Danielle Braun

Building tribes

Aaron Dignan

The last re-org you’ll ever do

Brian Robertson


Joost Minnaar

4 future-proof organizational models beyond hierarchy and bureaucracy

Chris Yeh & Reid Hoffman



Sales POP! Organizational design: Amy Kates

Nieuwerwets organiseren van werk: Ben Kuiken

GTD David Allen and Brian Robertson

Introducing self-managing teams: Doug Seacrist

Masters of scale hosted by Reid Hofman

The Culture Lab podcast - brave new work: Aaron Dignan


Organization of the future: Rewriting new rules for organization design

Donn Miller

Spotify engineering culture

Henrik Kniberg

Spotify engineering culture - Part 2

Henrik Kniberg

How to create a high performance culture

Andrew Sillitoe

Organizational structure

Steve Jobs

Lean and agile adoption with the Laloux Culture Model

Peter Green

Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life

Ricardo Semler

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