Scaling Up

Design your organisation for success


All companies are created with the goal for future success. Designing an organization from the ground up is something you do on an iterative basis; you design and redesign. But how can you stimulate a work environment that’s based on freedom and responsibility that lets your people create their own growth paths while scaling up? It all starts with your company’s culture because the culture is what establishes the basis of your organization and your organizational structure derives from this. This may sound simple; but making the right decisions can be challenging. What worked well yesterday might not be the best solution for tomorrow, due to changes such as (international) expansion, acquisitions, economic challenges and evolving leadership requirements. You don’t want to slow down your organization. You want to keep the level of innovation high and the decision making processes agile, so what do you do? Let this chapter guide you in building a robust and future-proof organization. You’ll get inspired by the expertise of leading entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

This chapter gives answers to frequently asked questions by the community:

Leadership Skills with Mayke Nagtegaal (COO MessageBird)

Mayke Nagtegaal is COO at Dutch scaleup MessageBird. She has helped scale the organisation to 400+ employees. In this video she discusses the skills leaders need when scaling a company.


Read on to find out how to design an organization that is able to scale. We have conducted several interviews with some of the best leaders and scaling experts the ecosystem has, such as a CEO of the fastest growing Dutch online payment platform, a COO that scaled to more than 400 employees, the Co-Founder of LinkedIn, the CEO of the largest Dutch online shop and a CEO who has merged two succesful companies by smart design.

Chris Yeh

Author of Blitzscaling

Learning infinitely

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Mayke Nagtegaal

COO MessageBird

Design for Change

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Huub Vermeulen

CEO of

Fight the Silos

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Pieter van der Does

CEO and Founder of Adyen

Built for Talent

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Judith Eyck

Founder and CEO of and Zoover

Forming a Tribe

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