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If you are looking to dive further into leadership, we have compiled a list of books, podcasts and videos to inspire you and help you to adapt your leadership skills.


Books on Personal Growth & Habits

Now Discover your Strengths - Marcus Buckingham

Leaders Eat Last - Simon Sinek

Drive - Daniel Pink

7 Habits of Highly Effective People - S. Covey

The First Time Manager - Loren B. Belker

Books on Management & Organisation

Winning - Jack Welch

The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek

5 Dysfunctions of a Team -Patrick Lencioni

Six Batteries of Change - Peter de Prins

Good to Great - Jim Collins


Master of Scale with Reid Hoffman

De Ben Tiggelaar Podcast (Dutch)

How's Work with Esther Perel

David Novak Leadership Podcast


Psychology and skills of exceptional leaders

Tony Robbins

Managing People

Steve Jobs

What almost every Leader gets Wrong

Simon Sinek

Difference between Leadership and Management

Seth Godin

Growing potential in high performing teams

Anje-Marijcke van Boxtelth Godin

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