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At the head of every great organization, stands a great leader. We interviewed some of the most experienced leaders in the tech industry, so they can advise you on how to get the best out of yourself and your leadership team. Let this chapter guide and prepare you as your tech company scales.— Marloes Mantel, Director Talent, Techleap.nl

9 Questions with Steven Schuurman

Founder of Elastic NV, Elasticsearch, Inc. and SpringSource Global, Inc.

What qualifies a good leader? What topics does a leader own? And how to deal with people who cannot keep up with growth?

Steven Schuurman answers these questions and more.

Are you wondering..

This guide looks to answer questions you ask yourself on a regular basis such as:

Where should I spend the majority of my time on?

How do I create a strong leadership team?

How do I make the transition from being an entrepreneur to becoming a scaleup leader?

How to lead in times of crisis or in times of hypergrowth?


Read how these four experts dealt with the topic of leadership throughout their careers. Find insightful information on their best- and worst practices. Listen to their accomplishments and pitfalls to stay ahead of your growth, and create the best environment for your people to grow under your leadership.

Steven Schuurman

Founder and Chairman of Elastic NV.

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Marijn Pijnenborg

Founder auto.nl, funda.nl and angel investor.

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Peter de Prins

Professor Vlerick Business School.

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Rob van den Heuvel

CEO and Founder of Sendcloud.

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