Let's go!

Your Checklist

You now have the knowledge shared by business, scientific and entrepreneurial experts, but what can you actually start doing tomorrow to grow your leadership skills? Here we have organized a to-do list to inspire you to grow further in your role as a good leader, if not a great leader.

Check point #1

Make a gap analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, both for knowledge and competences. Then do the same for your leadership team.

Check point #2

Write down the top 3 strategic topics that are critical to your company's success, but are not going as well as you would like them to.

Check point #3

Ask yourself if you have the people around you to truly tackle the strategic issues you have written down. If you don’t have the right people on board, ask yourself why that is and get them!

Check point #4

Ask your leadership team what they need to properly execute those strategic targets you have laid out. Do they have the skills, knowledge, tools and do they feel empowered to execute?

Check point #5

Do a spring cleaning once per year. Do the things you should have done earlier. For example, let people who don't perform well go and stop using products or services that don't run well.

Check point #6

Be involved in recruitment, build your company and culture starting at the front door.

Check point #7

Find yourself an experienced external mentor. If you have a relatively junior leadership team also pair each individual with a mentor who can teach the ropes.

Check point #8

Lead by example, always, in everything!


Read, Watch, Listen