People & Culture Scaleup Guide

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NEW! Chapter 5

Scaling Up

All companies are created with the goal for future success. Designing an organization from the ground up is something you do on an iterative basis; you design and redesign. Read this chapter with interviews with leading experts in the ecosystem, like Chris Yeh (author Blitzscaling), Mayke Nagtegaal (COO MessageBird), and my more.

Chapter 4

Winning Teams

Read on to find out about the importance of defining your company values, the ins and outs of talent acquisition, and the ever-growing importance of diversity.


Chapter 3

Scaleup Compensation

All your burning questions around compensating your employees are answered in this chapter. We will explain the different types of fixed pay, variable compensation and employee participation, to make sure you are informed sufficiently to make the best decision for your scaleup


Chapter 2

Culture Make it or break it

Learn everything you need to know about creating and maintaining your company culture while growing. With experts Patty McCord (author of "Powerful" and former Chief Talent Officer Netflix), Pieter Zwart (CEO Coolblue), Mark Vletter (Founder Voys) and Jitske Kramer (Corporate Anthropologist).


Chapter 1

Leadership Fundamentals

Actionable advice, insights and interviews. Learn from experienced CEOs, Academic Experts and Scaleup founders on everything you need to know about leadership.

Including Steven Schuurman (Founder Elastic NV), Marijn Pijnenborg (Founder of a.o., Peter de Prins (Professor Vlerick Business School) and Rob van den Heuvel (Founder and CEO Sendcloud).