Make it or break it


Your company culture exists whether you like it or not. It’s found in every part of your business and can make or break an organisation. This chapter we’re looking at how you can develop your company culture in a way that benefits the vision of the company! We'll practically explore how to build a strong foundation so that you can use culture as an engine for growth instead of one that stifles teams. Using the expertise of some of the world’s leading thinkers on the subject to provide you with clear actionable advice. Let this chapter guide and prepare you, as your tech company scales. — Marloes Mantel, Director Talent

8 lessons on building a company people enjoy working for - Patty McCord (TED)

Most companies operate on a set of policies: mandated vacation days, travel guidelines, standard work hours, annual goals. But what happens when a company looks to control less and trust more? Patty McCord, the iconic former chief talent officer at Netflix, shares the key insights that led her to toss the handbook out the window.

This chapter looks to answer questions you ask yourself on a regular basis, such as:

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Read how these four experts have gone about setting up fruitful company cultures throughout their careers.

  • Find insightful information on their best- and worst practices.
  • Listen to their accomplishments and pitfalls to stay ahead of your growth
  • Create the best company culture for your people and organisation.

Patty McCord

Former Chief Talent Officer Netflix

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Mark Vletter

Founder & Chief Fun Work of Voys

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Pieter Zwart

Founder and CEO CoolBlue Read more

Jitske Kramer

Founder HumanDimensions and author

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